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Bebop’s Stage Show will Dazzle with Delights
Bebop’s happy-go-lucky personality combines her dance, music and energetic presentation into a crowd pleasing stage show.  Her comedy antics and audience interaction become an instant warm-up for all in attendance and a nutty kind of joy takes over. Everyone enjoys a presentation filled with large and colorful props, silly magic and the crazy comedy antics of skits and routines.  In every stage show presentation Bebop is able to share her passion for clowning and her love of music and dance with children of all ages.

Consider BeBop’s Stage Show Presentation for your Special Event:

  • Family Gatherings (Birthdays, Holidays, Reunions, etc…)
  • Festivals
  • Child-Care Centers
  • Career Day Presentations
  • Healthcare Centers


Bebop & Buttons Stage Show: “Music, Magic & More”
Bebop and Buttons are award winning professional clowns who play well together.  They will bring great family entertainment, excitement, music and laughter to your special event.  Their entertainment consists of silly magic, comedy antics, and music that will delight everyone. They can bring their balloons, glitter tattoos and face-paints just to add to the fun.  Children of all ages will enjoy an energy filled presentation.  The young and young at heart can join in or simply sit back and enjoy this fun and upbeat presentation.


Consider Bebop & Buttons for your Special Event:

  • Corporate
  • Family Gatherings (Holiday, Reuinon, Birthday)
  • Festivals
  • Children’s Camps
  • Church Events
  • Libraries
  • Healthcare Centers


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"Bebop & Buttons Brochure" (2page, 3 panels on each page. File size = 1.9Mb)