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Bebop views clowning as a joyful and lighthearted form of communication, she has great passion for the “Art of Clowning”.  This is always apparent in her clown performances, classroom material and workshop presentations.  Since 2004 she has been on staff as an instructor and performer for various clown conventions and educational clown programs.  Conventions include World Clown Assn., Clowns of America International, Mid-West Round-Up, Northwest Festival of Clowns and various others.  Some educational clown programs include; Clown Camp La Crosse, All Things Clown, Show Me Clowns for Jesus, Comedifest among others.
Bebop also offers two clown workshops one is: “Spotlight on Clowning” covering general clowning topics and the other is a “Caring Clown Workshop” with topics on caring clown props, antics, venues, etc. More information on both of these workshops can be found below. 

Bebop’s goal is to inspire all clowns to create joyful environments wherever they go. She believes it is our individual duty to give the Art of Clowning the creditability that it deserves.


- Bebop offers 2 WORKSHOPS for Classes & Lectures -
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workshop #1

Learning to Juggle with Music
Music can be a soothing partner when we’re learning to juggle.  Tension must be released in order to create the flow needed to make connection with the juggling balls. We’ll explore different music beats and rhythms as we learn the basics of juggling. 

Creating Playlists for Your Act
This class is about working with playlists that add structure to an entertainer’s presentation.  We’ll discuss music selections and musical sequences that assist in enhancing any act. Important to note: This is not a class on music technology

Clowning with Music
Learn to use music as your partner; it adds to your performance and assists in structuring your act/presentation.  Use it from the point of introduction to closing your show and everything in between.  Music is not limited to stage performances’ it can be an essential part when clowning for one or one-hundred.

Clowning 101: The Basics
This course will provide lecture and an opportunity for Q & A on the Basics of Clowning.  Topics discussed will be; Clown Types (make-up & Costume), Character Development, Entertaining and Clowning Venues.

Character Development
Learn how to make your clown character your best and most valuable “Give-Away”. We’ll discuss how your mind and your heart work together in developing a clown character that creates fun and brings joy to others.

Body Movements and Facial Expressions (Presented in full-clown)
Because energy and enthusiasm are great elements in clowning, physical movements and facial expressions are a major part of successful clowning. This class will cover how basic movements can become comedy antics that create entertainment.

The Clown Photo Shoot
This class will focus on capturing your true clown character. We’ll play with props and poses and discuss their importance in creating a successful final photo.

Making Birthday Parties Fun!
In this class we’ll cover the planning and presenting of a Birthday Party for children ages seven and under. We’ll start with booking the party, preparing the show, working on the opening, setting the pace, closing and follow-through.  We’ll also cover the topics of balloons, face-painting and glitter tattoos and what part they play in a birthday party setting.

Is This a Skit or a Preformance? (Presented in full-clown)
This class is presented in both lecture and demonstration therefore making it both educational and entertaining.  We’ll cover the difference between a skit and a performance and discuss the key elements that make both presentations a success.  

Clowning & Working with a Partner
This session will explore the benefits of working with a partner in creating and preforming partner clown acts.   We’ll cover working with partners that are same clown types and contrasting clown types. Topics covered will also include partner contributions, strengths, weaknesses and the importance of sharing the spotlight.

The Simplicity of Clowning
In this class the instructor will cover the important concept of keeping our clowning simple, real, and enjoyable for all. Discussion and demonstration will cover ways of applying simplicity to our make-up, costume, walk-arounds and our clowning in general.

Routines for Audience Participation
This session covers the very important issue of selecting good audience participants of any age.  The students will learn at least three activities/routines to use with audience participants

Basic Spanish for Clowns
We’ll cover the basic words and phrases that are most commonly needed when clowning for Spanish speaking children and adults. I’ll also introduce some simple Spanish music selections which are extremely helpful when working in this environment.

Walk-Around Fun and Comedy Antics
Learn to clown around using comedy antics that bring out your clown character’s personality.  This class will cover walk-around clowning with silly props, gags, pocket magic and anything and everything around you.  Demonstration will include incorporating simple comedy antics and playful fun to your walk-around clowning.

The “Art of Clowning” A Career Day Presentation
This class will provide information on creating a Career Day presentation on the “Art of Clowning” for elementary children (Kindergarten thru 2nd grade). Covered will be the specific topics to present along with routines and props to use in order to make these presentations informative, educational as well as entertaining for this age group.

Learn to Compete; Its Educational!
In this session we’ll explore the benefits of competition in make-up, costume, skits and performance. The instructor will share her viewpoints from both a competitor and a judge’s perspective.  We will review completed and actual judges score sheets for make-up, skits and performance competition categories.

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workshop #2
“Open Heart Clowning: A Caring Clown Workshop

Working with a Caring Clown Partner
This session will cover the particulars of working with a partner
in caring clown venues.  We’ll cover things to consider when you decide to add more fun to your clowning and double the joy for your audience.

Caring Clown: An Introduction
We’ll discuss the special art of clowning as performed in hospitals, nursing homes and for audiences’ with special needs.  We will include discussion on compassionate humor and the comfort that comedy provides.

Developing a Caring Clown Character:
This class will cover the importance of focusing special attention on make-up, costume and personality when developing our Caring Clown’s character. We’ll cover how these components work together to assist
us in creating a joyful environment for patients, family and caregivers.

A Caring Clown Approach to Props, Play & Give-Aways:
We’ll discuss how the Caring Clown combines a gentle approach with interactive play, active listening and the use of simple props, routines and giveaways’.

Caring Clown Venues: A Closer Look
We’ll cover the caring clowns work in venues such as; hospice settings, individuals with special needs, prisons and other places where there is emotional stress, loneliness, depression and personal sadness.

Hospital Clowning: Room to Room
Discussion will cover working with hospital staff and the Caring Clown’s work room-to-room and interaction with both children and adults, including entering and exiting hospital rooms.

Routining a Nursing Home Show:
We’ll combine lecture and demonstration in learning to prepare for a 30min. or a 1hr. clown show for a nursing home. We’ll cover the special considerations regarding this venue and its special population.

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Evaluations Received: Feedback on Classes and Workshop Presentations

From: Cowtown Clown Alley Ft. Worth, Texas

  • Bebop has a real knack for putting complex concepts into simple statements, she keeps clowning fun and simple.
  • We enjoyed a delightful day of learning with Bebop, we learned while being entertained.

From: Gem Jesters Clown Alley Boise, Idaho (2nd Bebop workshop)

  • Bebop’s workshop has re-energized me with new ideas!
  • Great workshop, very informative. I especially liked all the sharing of ideas, props and music.
  • Your workshop was the best! I can’t wait to go clowning; it helped to get me motivated.

From: Big Top Clowns Clown Alley---Birmingham, AL

  • I have clowned for a long time and Bebop has reinforced my love for clowning
  • Bebop’s experience and professionalism touched me and opened my heart and mind; I know I’m destined to clown! What an inspiration she is!
  • The workshop was informative & well explained; it gave me confidence in what I can do.

From Colorado Clowns Alley Workshop:

  • “Bebop’s workshop was Great with Excellent materials to work with”
  • “Classes made me aware of more aspects of clowning”

From: SouthEast Clown Assn. (SECA) convention:

  • Brilliant presentations and obviously caring.
  • Perfect & Priceless presentations’ I loved every minute.
  • Bebop is absolutely wonderful as an instructor and clown, I felt like she was talking to me.

From: Gem Jesters of Idaho Alley Workshop: 

  • “ Bebop inspired me, her classes made me happy”
  • “She lives the character as she teaches, Thanks Bebop!”


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